Sunday, 19 November 2017

Various - 1984 - Kicks - The Great Lost Australian '60s Pop Album FLAC

A1 The Librettos - Kicks
A2 Pastoral Symphony - Love Machine
A3 Somebody's Image - Hide & Seek
A4 Nineteen 87 - Engagement Party
A5 The News - S.O.S. (Stop Her On Sight)
A6 The Executives - Bad Reputation
A7 The D-Coys - You're Against
A8 The Town Criers - Everlasting Love
A9 The Strangers - Western Union
A10 The Strangers - Coke Ad
B1 Procession - One Day in Every Week
B2 The Virgil Brothers - Temptation's 'Bout to Get Me
B3 Ronnie Charles - Katy Jane
B4 The Iguana - California, My Way
B5 Avengers - Tweedelee Dee
B6 Wickedy Wak - Bill's Bikie Boys
B7 The Playboys - Sad
B8 The Brigade - As a Boy
B9 The Black Diamonds - Not This Time
B10 The Familiars - Go Go Hula Hoop

Link updated 14.10.2018


  1. Got this album when it first came out. A real classic.
    'Katy jane' is still one of my fave 45s. 'Love machine', 'western union', 'kicks', 'Hide And Seek'... and the best ever version of 'Everlasting Love'.
    Akiller LP.
    Thanks for a digital version.

  2. Yes Jaimie "Katy Jane" and the B-Side "No Face No Name No Number" 2 great tracks when I bought the single I thought he was destined for super stardom. Had some memorable releases in years to come but world domination eluded him.

  3. Hi Deutros. Any other links? 'File does not exist on this server'

  4. Deutros...File has expired and no longer on server. Any chance of a re-up?