Wednesday, 28 March 2018

Various Artists - 1977 - Rager FLAC

A1 The Ritchie Family - Best Disco In Town    
A2 Manfred Mann's Earth Band - Blinded By The Light    
A3 Burton Cummings - Stand Tall    
A4 Marcia Hines - Until Your Love Broke Through    
A5 Geeza  - Run 'N' Hide    
A6 Air Supply - Love And Other Bruises    
A7 Sherbet - You've Got The Gun    
A8 Lori Balmer     Here's Some Love    
A9 Taste  - A Little Romance    
A10 The Four Seasons - Who Loves You    
B1 Bay City Rollers - Rock 'N' Roll Love Letter    
B2 Dragon - This Time    
B3 Boston - More Than A Feeling    
B4 Marty Rhone - On The Loose Again    
B5 Kiss - Beth    
B6 Debbie Byrne - You Promised Me The Love    
B7 Ol' 55 - C'mon Let's Do It    
B8 Hush - Sunday    
B9 Little Pattie - Only If You Want To    
B10 Rockwell T. James - Roxanne


  1. Thanx from Brisbane.

  2. thanks for another addition to a great blog

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    1. Hi Deutros. There seems to be a problem as I am told that the archive is in an unknown format, damaged or no archives found. Cheers Jason

  4. Jason I've had a few people having the same problem with other posts I downloaded this and it unpacked just fine so The only advice I have is if you're not using WinRar 5.50 try that