Monday, 26 February 2018

Various Artists - 1971 - 20 Chartstoppers Vol. 1 FLAC

A1 Lobo - Me and You and a Dog Named Boo
A2 Neil Diamond - I Am, I Said
A3 Tin Tin - Toast and Marmalade for Tea
A4 Dudley Moore - Song for Suzie
A5 Kevin Johnson - Bonnie Please Don’t Go
A6 Flake - Life Is Getting Better
A7 The Bells - Stay Awhile
A8 Colleen Hewett - Superstar
A9 The Mixtures - The Pushbike Song
A10 Kamahl - 100 Children
B1 Ocean - Put Your Hand in the Hand
B2 Harry Young and Sabbath - The Wheat in the Field
B3 John Rowles - Cheryl Moana Marie
B4 Sherbet - Can You Feel It Baby
B5 Autumn - Falling
B6 The New Dream - Soft Delights
B7 Blackfeather - Seasons of Change
B8 The Mixtures - Henry Ford
B9 Sheryl Blake - As Long as Life Goes On
B10 Francis Lai - Theme From Love Story

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