Sunday, 15 October 2017

Various - 1972 - Chartstoppers Vol. 1 FLAC

01 The New Seekers - Beg Steal Or Borrow    
02 Faron Young - It's Four In The Morning    
03 T. Rex - Jeepster    
04 Daniel Boone - Daddy Don't You Walk So Fast    
05 Alison McCallum - Superman    
06 The Stylistics - Stop Look And Listen    
07 Digby Richards - People Call Me Country    
08 B.J. Thomas - Rock & Roll Lullaby    
09 Johnny Chester - Shame And Scandal    
10 John Laws  - A Front Row Seat To Hear Old Johnny Sing    
01 Al Head - Walk The World Away    
02 Olivia Newton-John - What Is Life    
03 Middle Of The Road - Soley Soley    
04 Soffrok - Set Me Free    
05 Kamahl - Jesu Christo    
06 Ted Bull - Maggie    
07 Buffalo  - Suzie Sunshine    
08 Jerry Lee Lewis - Chantilly Lace    
09 G. Wayne Thomas - Morning Of The Earth    
10 Don Fardon - Follow Your Drum


  1. Much as I appreciate the talent and abilities of 'Doc' and his mates, I was caught by surprise when I expected a comp from 1972. Or was this an homage to my 4th grandson born last month? Your work and efforts are greatly.

  2. I had no idea what you were on about Jamie I thought you were speaking in tongues once again no idea but will get to the bottom of it.

  3. Still no idea but the right link is there now this is a new mega account and it doesn't have the Red Phoenix link in it so at a loss to what happened.

  4. Thanks for the new link. I shouldn't be so cryptic.
    My grandson born last month is PHOENIX.
    Since you do the hard work and I scrounge, I didn't want to sound negative and say what on Earth's happening!
    Keep up the good posts : love these K-tellish comps.